Frequently Asked Questions

How Would You Describe Puso in 1 sentence?

A  development ecosystem built around the infrastructure of renewable digital asset mining, web 3.0 & tokenised economies across the beta & metaverse.

Is Puso a real company?

Yes, "Puso Group International Corporation" is registered & licensed by the SEC in the Philippines under reg number: 2021080023689-14

Not only are we a real company but we also are actively acquiring and launching crypto teams and projects.


What is the goal of Puso?

To re-imagine the way we build. Constructing around profitable renewable energy mining provides the firm basis of self sufficient micro economies that will further advance our evolution towards the new digital age.

You claim crypto can save the world, good heavens how?

Right so if we could solve the issue of solar flares without the need of excess battery storage and development that further harms the environment, we could drastically reduce the cost and make solar energy a viable alterantive. Re-directing flares to the bitcoin or ethereum mining grids when solar batteries solves the flare issue. Futhermore, most would make substantial profits and Incentivising renewable energy financially will accelerate it's adoption in turn potentially saving our planet. 

Why do you need a token?

Every eco system needs it's own token if it involves large financial implications and a large network of stake holders needing to make decisions that their stakes may or not be affected by. A decentralised autonmous organisation, how we beleive all businesses will be forms in the future combine the power of thousands, if not millions of people globally towards a common goal and it needs to be governed by a token that is immutable on a decentralised blockchain. This is the only way a group can combine to act and decide without any fear of bias, corruption or ill choice that may or may not have been in the best interest of all stakeholders. Welcome to the future, welcome to the DAO of dreams. Here, we are building the future of construction and development. There are many DAOs doing many different things.

Why did you choose the Philippines?

Clear crypto, mining and construction regulations as well as plenty of sun and islands for sale to build eco-resorts on made Philippines the ideal choice. 

How are you funding operations?

All Puso Group operations are funded by private equity, venture capital, angel investment or sales of securities in the form of NFT land plots, investment contracts on development plots and yield on renewable mining.

The development DAO we are building will fund and govern itself. The very users of the ecosystem will be able to trustlessly fractionlise, tokenise and exchange plots of land, real estate and more.

Why green and orange?

The colours of our high visibility safety vests we wore on construction sites. Safety first as we all know. Above all else, no matter what, safety first.

Can I buy shares in Puso?

Yes as soon as we launch a fully tokenised IPO. The shares grant ownership, governance and dividends of the Puso Group itself while any utility token launched will be for specific projects and related to that ecosystem, not the parent group.

Difference between a utility token & security token?

A company, or a foundation, issues tokens that can be used by contributors to redeem a service the entity offers. For example we, if the issuer of the token are a company launching a decentralized car development platform, each land sale, exchange and ecosystem related service is represented in tokens. The tokens are a way to exchange value or rights between participants of the network without barrier by representing a unit of service. As such, they are called utility tokens.

However, if the main purpose of our shares which will be tokenised as a secrity token are to generate an increase of monetary value for our holder that is also granted sorm form of security such as part ownership or a guarantee of some sort then it is an investment and therefore will be considered a security in all jurisdictions.

This is why you will see us amongst many more companies adopt a dual token economy. All shares will be tokenised and on the blockchain soon too, we are just ahead of our time.

What problems are you fixing?

  • Harmful crypto mining and inefficient solar energy simultaneously
  • Transparency and trust in development ensuring all parties are paid & on time
  • Modernising construction and building to accomodate the virtual world/metaverse
  • The iliquidity of the housing market through tokenisation of assets and property.
  • Lowering barrier of real estate and investment for all users of all budgets.
  • Lack of retail focues decentralised apps that.

What advantages are their to holding tokens, shares and land?

The utility token will power the DAO we are building, hold no financial value and serve only to grant access to and govern the ecosyste, ensuring participants have the best interests of the ecosystem in mind.

Shares and land provide investment opportuinty and will grant ownership and yield opportunities.

Politically is all in order?

The Philippines offer some of the most advanced and flesible cryptocurrency regulations in the world along with ample land and sun. Perfect for Puso.

We are working closely with local communities, mayors and government officials which can be seen in our rapid acquiring of the SEC registration as well as our planning permission to build our utopian resorts.

When Token Sir?

Until Puso has utility that a token is needed to fulfill, there will not be a token however it is in the plans. 

Until then our other projects under our group may have tokens you desire.